The Citizen Science Manual

This manual aims to empower individuals in their roles as citizen scientists and to promote the practice of community-based citizen science as a vehicle for environmental justice.  It is our hope that this manual will increase your awareness of how to identify and contribute to existing projects or to initiate and effectively prove your own project.  To that end, this manual outlines practical suggestions for how to design and carry out a citizen science project.  It also contains an overview of relevant laws and regulations, as well as technical suggestions regarding data collection, analysis, and compliance with relevant scientific and quality standards.

UPDATE Sept. 27, 2019: Submit your citizen-science related legal questions.  The Emmett Environmental Law & Policy Clinic, in conjunction with the Citizen Science Association Law & Policy Working Group, has established an online tool for the submission of questions about relevant laws and policies raised by citizen science projects.  Please visit the question submission page here.

UPDATE Nov. 27, 2019: See posted answers to submitted questions here.

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